The Healing Journey of Personal Growth

Parallel Journeys

The road to recovery leads toward a journey - not a destination. Those who have, for example, struggled with addictions and have taken part in 12-step programs understand that they are never "recovered". In fact, it is often the moment they find themselves over-confident as such, tempted to resign themselves to complacency, is the moment they are in jeopardy of a fall. Consequently, it is important that we view healing and recovery as a "journey" toward personal growth - a road that we must travel by choice. This road may take us through some dark valleys if we are honest with ourselves. It also leads us to some of the most beautiful places we have ever been. Along that road there may be some setbacks and detours. But there will also be many victories and benchmarks set.

There is as well another road which runs parallel to our road to healing and recovery. And we will travel on this road at the same time. The progress we make on this road directly impacts and affects the progress we make on the other road, and vice versa. This road is our spiritual journey - or our path toward spiritual growth and sanctification. As we pursue a growing, personal relationship with God in counseling and in our lives, we find ourselves inherently growing in our recovery. And likewise, as we progress in our recovery, so we also find that we are strengthened in our faith. We find ourselves better equipped, stronger, and wiser as we lean on God's love and strength.